On steps taken in the on-going investigation of the allegations at IHCL

The employee referred to did approach Mr Mistry and informed him that she had experienced unwelcome behaviour by a senior Indian Hotels Company Ltd employee. Mr Mistry was very upset as this was absolutely against his belief of a safe work environment. Mr Mistry set aside time to meet with her and assured her that the Tata Group stands fully committed to support her.

As an immediate action, with her concurrence, Mr Mistry initiated an interim measure of providing an appropriate short-term alternate and safe work environment until the matter could be investigated and appropriately addressed. The Group HR Head was directed to create an appropriate interim position. An interim senior role, directly reporting to a Group Executive Council member in the Corporate Communications team was identified. Despite Tata Sons and IHCL having different grades and designation structures, care was taken to ensure that her current emoluments were protected. Despite several attempts to retain her, she decided not to accept the position and instead wished to pursue a career outside of Tatas.

On Mr Mistry’s instructions, she was informed that this matter was being taken very seriously and a thorough enquiry would be undertaken. To ensure that the necessary actions that may be called for are undertaken, her full involvement and cooperation would be needed. At her request to put the issue behind her, an enquiry was not set up at that point in time.

However, since this was serious allegation and potentially a violation of the Tata Code of Conduct, Mr. Mistry decided to institute a committee to investigate into the matter. This committee was constituted by a senior independent director of IHCL to ensure that appropriate processes are followed. The Committee also included very senior people independent of the company. The report is awaited and the board of IHCL will decide on next steps on the basis of the Committee's findings.

After this, Mr. Mistry also instructed a review of the implementation of POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) policy and practices across Tata Group companies. Representatives from various Tata companies, the Group Ethics Office, Group Legal and Group HR were included in this exercise to ensure the highest standards and values are protected, including providing a safe work environment for all Tata Group employees.

We would request you as a responsible publication to respect the process, as an investigation is currently underway so as to ensure that fair outcomes are achieved for all the people involved.
Office of Cyrus P. Mistry
11 November 2016


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